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Island of Ischia

Island of Ischia

Thermal Waters and Wellness

The healing properties of the thermal waters of Ischia have been known for centuries. Many visitors come to the island to immerse themselves in its hot springs and benefit from their therapeutic effects. From Poseidon to Negombo, the thermal parks offer a variety of pools, saunas, and spa treatments, surrounded by lush gardens and sea views.

Beaches and Hidden Coves..

Ischia boasts a variety of beaches, from sandy ones suitable for families, such as Maronti Beach, to small hidden coves only accessible by sea. With MG Charter Boat, you can easily sail along the coast and discover these secret corners away from the crowds.

History and Culture.

The Island of Ischia is not only a beach destination but also a place rich in history. The Aragonese Castle, dominating the bay of Ischia Ponte, is a must-see. This ancient fortress provides an overview of the island’s history and offers spectacular views of the sea. Even small villages like Sant’Angelo and Forio offer a taste of local tradition and Ischian culture.

Local Gastronomy.

After a day at sea, there is nothing better than savoring the local cuisine. Ischia is famous for its dishes made with fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, and local wines like Biancolella. Each village on the island has its own specialties, to be tasted in one of the numerous seaside trattorias.

Explore with MG Charter Boat

For an authentic and personalized experience of Ischia, trust MG Charter Boat. Whether you are looking for a day of relaxation in a hidden cove, a historical tour, or a food and wine tasting, we are here to make your trip unforgettable.

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